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Formerly known as Red Lion Training, Rampant Defense Group is an organization of Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement & EMS dedicated to providing you the best-in-class firearms training.

Whether your a beginner or experienced shooter, we have Military Veteran, NRA, LEO & NC Justice Academy certified instructors to meet your needs.

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Instructor Team

Michael Stewart

Civilian Instructor

As owner and operator of Rampant Defense Group and 15 years of firearm experience, Michael  sets the standards for his fellow instructors to maintain.

He has received (and given) firearms training from military and Law Enforcement, is a NC Justice Academy CCH Instructor, a NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor as well as NRA Range Safety Officer.

Look no further for a well-rounded instructor to get you started.

Daniel Stewart

Civilian Instructor

Don't let this young face fool you, Daniel is already local Sheriff Deputy and U.S. Navy Gunner Veteran who has conducted operations in 23 countries and coached over 500 service members in multiple

weapon systems.

In addition to his Navy creds, he's a NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor and

Range Safety Officer.

Does he know firearms?  You bet!

Tim Stewart

LEO Instructor

With over 20 years of Law Enforcement officer and instructor experience, Tim brings a unique perspective to Rampant Defense Group.  Not only is he a NC Justice Academy CCH Instructor, he's a Rapid Deployment Instructor, Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Instructor for LEOs, been to FBI Sniper School, SWAT School, Man Tracking School and is a Certified Glock Armorer.

To say he's your man for LEO training is simply -

an understatement.

Available Training

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HANDGUN classes

first shots

Never shot a handgun before?

Start here!

This foundational info on safe gun-handling, operation and selection is designed to retain info and build your confidence.

Class qualifies for $25 off

our Conceal Carry class.

1.5 Hours Classroom, 2 Hours Range



Our interactive Conceal Carry Class covers firearm fundamentals, safety, function and the legalities of carrying a concealed firearm. 

Designed for new & experienced shooters, learn how to carry your firearm and deploy as a last resort.

8 Hours Classroom, 1 Hour Range



You've just used Deadly Force

Now what?

The real fight is about to begin, you need an action plan and this class gives you the tools to create it.

Add a block from our resident EMT on wound packing, pressure dressing and tourniquets - you're set for success!

4 Hours Classroom


advanced handgun

This course is for the responsible firearm owner who already has a base level of training and competency.


We will discuss mindset, movement, speed, and various shooting tactics, to further your knowledge and ability to deal with real world situations.

Conceal Carry II

Now that you have your CCH, it's time to learn how to conceal, how to draw and how to fight!  

Instructor Daniel has been talking about creating this class before getting out of the Navy, and boy is he anxious to get started!

rifle classes

first shots

This beginner shotgun class removes the confusion about shotguns, gauge, shells & chokes.

No more head-scratching next time you go to the gun shop for your next purchase.

1.5 Hours Classroom, 2 Hours Range


home defense

This class is still in development by Instructor Tim, but can tell you it covers various tactics for both pump-action and semi-auto.

We get excited just thinking about it!

shotgun classes

First shots

Our beginner rifle class is perfect first class to cement the basic fundamentals.

Not only will you learn differences between actions, you'll put them to work on the range with ease.

This is the perfect beginner class for the youth in your family.

Sign-up the family today!

1.5 Hours Classroom, 2 Hours Range


Build & Maintain

Want to build your own Armalite Rifle?    Sure you do!

We'll give you a list of components to buy and bring in. 

During the build, you'll learn

best practices for maintaining

your new lady so she brings

joy for years to come.

defensive carbine I

Details for this class are still in development.

Check back soon for the skinny on the fun this class will offer. 

It promises to scratch the AR-itch!

1:1 firearms training

We get it - Firearms Training can be intimidating and you may learn better outside a "canned" or group class.  That's why our 1 on 1 firearms training is all about YOU.

It is customized to meet your needs, can be as aggressive or laid-back as you want, gives you all the attention and moves at your pace.

Click here to get in touch with us today with your contact info, best time to call and which training your interested in and we'll take it from there.

Private & group firearms training

All classes can be Private or Group

Get in touch with us today via the contact form below to get started.

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