Wilson Combat Sig P320 Grip Module Install

This past weekend I became the proud owner of a tan Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module for my factory compact 9mm EDC. MSRP is $64.95 from Wilson Combat website, but I got it from Midway USA for $64.95! :)

This is also a polymer grip module, but "re-engineered to optimize it's practical shooting potential" for "enhanced grip & improved recoil control".

Here are a few differences about the Wilson Grip:

  • Slightly flared magwell

  • Slightly reduced grip width

  • High-cut, 1911-style beavertail

  • Reshaped trigger guard

  • Starburst grip pattern

Below you can see how the backstrap has a more gradual curve down to the magwell whereas the Wilson grip remains flat straight up to the deeper cut beavertail to be more 1911ish.

As you come around to the frontstrap, you can see the undercut at the trigger guard is more pronounced. Both of these features allow you to get your hand higher, closer to the bore for recoil management.

Swapping parts was insanely easy. If you've ever removed the FCU of your Sig, you can swap grips.

Remove the FCU from the frame

  1. Remove your magazine (loaded or not)

  2. Lock the slide, swivel your takedown lever south and remove the slide

  3. Rotate the takedown lever to max rotation and remove from the frame

  4. Lift out the Fire Control Unit

Install FCU in new frame

  1. Insert the FCU into the frame, trigger first

  2. Tilt the rear of the FCU down and into the frame and push to rear

  3. Seat the FCU down into the frame

  4. Insert the takedown lever

  5. Install the slide

The FCU in my 320 fit very snug into the new frame, so make sure your slide lock fits correctly into the cut-outs on the frame and not resting on the top edge. You can see from the pictures above how the rear of the FCU seems to stick out the back slightly, this may be normal for you as well.

Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure to get the FCU into place - you're not going to break it. Just tap it in until it fits correctly.

The mag release is pre-installed, but if you ordered an aftermarket option, you'll want to do that before installing the FCU just for convenience.

That's all there is to it. Extremely simple to swap.

Next time I'll make a video of a spring kit install from Greyguns.


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